Our Firm

For over 30 years, Cross, Wietfeldt & Splendorio Financial Advisors has been a premier provider of financial services. Based in the Kalamazoo community, we have established lasting relationships with clients near and far. Clients place great trust in us, and it is our honor to continually build on that trust. With assets over $850,000,000 under our advisement as we speak, staying true to clients’ needs is our only way of business.

Know that we feel personally vested in your success. Because you build a direct relationship with a firm Principal from the very first meeting, you can be assured that every concern will be handled with expertise and understanding.

Our Mission is to furnish financial services of value. We are advocates for our clients, holding their interests above our own. Profit for its own sake is not our pursuit. Rather, we strive to build mutual trust and respect. We believe that if we do our jobs well, then satisfaction and a fair reward will result.


Imagine a financial advisor who truly works for you.

  • You are heard
  • You have options
  • You feel in control
  • You invest in vehicles you understand
  • You see your complete financial picture from an objective perspective
  • You trust that the financial guidance you receive is sound; never influenced by undisclosed connections to proprietary products and services

How do we get there?

  • By measuring your success against your benchmarks, not others’
  • By remaining accessible, always
  • By avoiding one-size-fits-all advice
  • By processing requests as carefully and urgently as if they were our own
  • By proactively involving you in your financial decisions with honesty and transparency
  • By providing the best options for your benefit, rather than for our profit
  • By avoiding “show,” and focusing on true results
  • By helping to make your decisions easier

We invite you to begin the conversation – and to realize the financial potential of an advisor who works solely on your behalf.